Manually Connecting to Wi-Fi for Windows

Setting up Wi-Fi for Windows requires you to follow the steps below. Please watch the video listed below while following the steps listed to set up the printer with Wi-Fi:

Printing with your Existing Wifi Network Video:

Steps to Setup Wi-Fi on Windows:

A. Click on your WiFi list and choose ICONxxyyzz (xxyyzz is a number/letter combination unique to your printer) Click Join/Connect

B. Open your internet browser window (ie.: Explorer) to access control panel
Enter this address in your browser then click return/enter

  1. Enter User Name (default is: Admin) and Password (default is: password) Enter
  2. Control Panel will load
  3. Click to select Run Setup Wizard. Then select Connect to Existing Network.
  4. It will show a list of all wireless networks available. Select the one you wish to use with your ICON printer. Enter relevant password. Click Next. Then click Next again.
  5. Verify settings and click Connect.
  6. Printer will restart, the printer is now connected to your wifi network

C. Next you MUST Add the Wireless Printer to Windows.

  1. Click on your WiFi list and choose the Wi-Fi network you selected in the steps above.
  2. Open Windows Control Panel then Select Hardware and Sound then Devices and Printers
  3. Click Add a Printer 
  4. In Add Printer Dialog click Next
  5. Select Add printer using TCP/IP - Next 
  6. Type a Printer Hostname - Device type Autodetect - Hostname: - Next 
  7. Additional Port Information - Device Type - Standard - Generic Network Card- Next
  8. Install Driver - Choose Leitz - Next
  9. Type printer name - Leitz Icon WiFi - Next
  10. Success Screen - Finish
  11. Device now shows up in the printer list.

D. Open the Leitz Icon Software

  1. Letiz Icon Wifi will show as the printer near the bottom left of the dialog.
  2. The Cartridge currently in the printer will also show
  3. Click Print.
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