How Can I Print if the Software Says: "Printer is Offline"

If you see an error message near the Print button, saying the Printer is Offline you will not be able to print. The solution is to choose the printer setup you wish to use from the drop down menu as shown in the screen below.

If you have selected the Leitz Icon printer and you still see the error message saying Printer is Offline, Go to System Preferences/Control Panel and follow the steps to Add a new printer.

If you are planning to print to your Leitz Icon from both USB and Wi-Fi, add a printer for each and call it something like Leitz Icon USB and Leitz Icon Wi-Fi to differentiate the setups in the software. Make sure when you go to print that you choose the appropriate setup in the drop down list.

Once you have added the printer in System Preferences or Control Panel go back to the software and choose the printer from the dropdown list as show in the first screen/illustration. The print button will now be Green and you are ready to print.


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    Michele Karpe'

    I've tried all your suggestions and I still cannot print. Please contact me .

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    Printer goes "offline" every few days/uses with Mac OS 10.10.5. Sometimes this is a fix and other times the driver does not appear. A complete reinstall works but who wants to do that several times a month.

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    Leitz Icon Support

    I have both a Windows 10 PC and laptop - strangely enough I could print to my Leitz icon without problems on my laptop, but couldn't on my PC.

    To complicate matters on my PC I already had another A4 printer set up and working without problems via WiFi.

    I found that when I disabled my firewall software on my PC, I was able to print to the Leitz without any problems - so I tried editing the various rules without success.

    I finally stumbled onto the solution of resetting the defaults for the firewall software and lo and behold - I was able to print consitently from my PC without having to disable my firewall !

    Try it people - it might be the solution for you, although you will obviously have to find out how to reset the firewall defaults depending on which one you use.

    Edward Quan

    Edited by Leitz Icon Support
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