Can I Import Data and Bar Codes, From an Excel Spreadsheet, into the Leitz Icon Software?

In the Leitz Icon Software Program you can import data, including bar codes, from programs that export to Excel Format or you can Create a Data File in Excel for use with the software. When exporting files from other programs you may need to Open the Excel file and make some changes so it resembles the labels we created in the tutorial below.  Following these steps will make the import into the Leitz Icon Software a smooth process.

To use "Merge Data to Template" by importing a Excel Spread Sheet, follow this Tutorial:

We will create a Label with 3 fields:

  • Article
  • EAN
  • No.
  1. Create an Excel file with 3 columns, the first row contains the field names.

  2. Create a label with two text fields and one barcode. Enable “Allow paste” for all objects.

  3. Select File -> Merge Data to Template -> Create New...

  4. Select the template and the Excel file

  5. Click “Next”
  6. Drag the fields to the label

  7. Click “Next”
  8. Select entries to print, check the Preview and click “Print”

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