Leitz Icon Label Sizes Compared to Dymo Label Sizes

Compared to a Dymo LabelWriter, Leitz Icon is a more versatile printer because it can print up to 3,5" wide versus 2" with the Dymo LabelWriter.

Also it has an automatic cutter which allows us to print any length of label and cut it to size from a single roll of continuous label material. Because a Dymo LabelWriter does not have this feature it is limited to die-cut labels and you would need to buy a wider variety of label rolls if you need different sizes of labels.

So if you compare the list of available cartridges only 3 have the exact same size as you would find with Dymo:

  • 70120001 International Address Label - 1.4 in x 3.5 in - I think Dymo calls this "Large Address label"
  • 70170001 Address Label - 1.1 in x 3.5 in - This size is a standard so Dymo also calls this Address label
  • 70180001 Small Shipping Label - 2 in x 3.5 in - Dymo calls this Shipping Label

But from our continuous rolls you will be able to cut to size any size of label you want so including all Dymo labels that have the same width or length.

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